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National Network for Functional Medicine Evaluations (FME)

Best Practices Guidelines requires a criterion based evaluation for patients with complex medical / functional impairments

The FME is an assessment of the patient’s FUNCTIONAL ABILITIES AND LIMITATIONS by an appropriate specialist

  • Primary Diagnosis Specialist (Orthopedics, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine)
  • Functional Evaluation And Pain Specialist (Physiatrist / Occupational Medicine)


The IMCS Group FME is standardized across all national providers:

  • Review of records
  • Patient Examination(s)
    • Medical history; accident injury, pre-existing history, co-morbidities
    • Review of medication use
    • Pain history
    • Physical examination
    • Clearance / Contraindications for Functional Tests
  • Functional Medicine Evaluation (FME) per AMA Guides to Evaluation of Functional Abilities (Coupland)
    • Criterion based measurement of all physical demands
    • (non-exertional model predictive of 8 hour work day for adults aged 18-65)
      • Strength (Lift / Cary / Push)
      • Ambulation (Walk . / Climb / Balance / Sit / Stand)
      • Lower Body (Bend / Stoop / Crouch / Kneel / Crawl)
      • Upper Body (Reach / Handle / Dexterity / Coordination)
    • Identification of psychosocial factors that correlate to pan and guarding bhavior
    • Identification and correction for stoicism, self limiting effort and guarding behavior


  • History, Examination and Test Results
  • Summary and Conclusions
    • Functional Abilities and Limitations
    • Diagnosis
    • Causality and Apportionment
    • Treatment Plan
    • MMI status and Impairment Rating

Clinically Superior to a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

√ AMA Guides to Evaluation of Functional Abilities (Coupland)

√ Over 80 references regarding the AssessAbility validity and reliability of the methodology;

√ “the most sophisticated method of assessing maximum effort” – Rucker, K., Wehman, P., Kregel, J., Medical College of Virginia (1996);

√ The FME is not CAPACITY testing! Our non exertional criterion testing ensures patients do not get hurt (used in over 12,000 North American workplaces);

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