Integrated Medical Case Solutions

Functional Psychological Evaluations (FPE)

National Network for evaluation for patients with psychiatric / functional diagnoses to determine work abilities and limitations

Major Depressive Disorder Anxiety Bipolar Substance Abuse
PTSD Brain Injury / Concussion Memory-MCI
Conversion Disorders Schizophrenia
Mild Encephalophy Dementia Cardiac Surgery
Cancer COG Epilepsy Sleep Disorders
MS Parkinsons Medication Effects
Glioma Chronic Pain

Opioid Impairment Evaluations
Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Safety Sensitive Employees

Medical Referral Triggers:
  • Use of opioids for longer than medically indicated
  • Use in dosages higher than recommended
  • Use in combination with other legal drugs & OTC meds
  • Use in combination with illicit drugs
  • Use when performing tasks when medication use is contraindicated

The IMCS Group evaluation is nationally standardized across all Psychologists:

  • Review of records
  • Patient Examination
  • Review of medication use and alcohol and drug use
  • NeuroCognitive Symptom Questionnaire:
    • 217 symptom related questions with for concurrent validity comparison to functional testing

Not a 'psych eval' - new CPT pathways do not ascribe unwarranted psych diagnoses.

Memory Attention Executive Thinking
Judgment Impulsivity Psychomotor Reaction Time
Vision Tracking Drowsiness
Continuous Performance Shifting Attention
  • History, Examination and Test Results
  • Summary and Conclusions
    • Functional Abilities and Limitations
    • Recommendations

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